Ausgabe 24 · April 2017

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Fundort: Frankfurt

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For almost 20 years, we have constantly developed and updated our design of bicycles and finally have created a unique twin-driving system (TDS) Our bicycles with TDS have the following advantages:

  • Safety - Once one side of the transmission system be out of order, the chain on the other side can still provide a continuous riding function.
  • Stable and Smooth - With independent chains, the bicycles will be in a more stable and smoother transmission status giving the riders a more comfortable feeling.
  • Comfortable - TDS gives more balanced pedaling force so that the riders will be able to go for a longer slope distance. The height of handle bar and saddle are adjustable.
  • It is very Safe and Convenient, especially for long distance riding.
  • We believe our Groundbreaking design will be a trend in the global bicycle market.